Certificate in General Management in Berlin Open School of Management

Certificate in General Management

Open School of Management

Certificate in General Management in Berlin Open School of Management

Management includes all leadership, coordination, and administrative tasks on the top, middle or lower management level. These responsibilities mainly relate to the management of parts of a company or the company as a whole. Managers take over management tasks such as planning, organization, leadership and controlling in companies or other organizations. They also develop, coordinate and market products and services. They decide on application of scarce resources which will be needed to achieve the corporate goals.


The course will teach you the professional and methodical knowledge and competences that prepare you to undertake general management tasks, i. e. planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and/or controlling for the purpose of accomplishing organizational goals.

Inhalte Personalized Curriculum

General Management
• Strategic Management (2 WLU)
• Strategy Tools and Techniques (2 WLU)
• Management Accounting and Control Systems (3 WLU)
• International Management (2 WLU)
• Digital Transformation and Disruption (2WLU)
• Agile Management Methods (2 WLU)

Human Resource Management
• Strategic HR Management (2 WLU)
• Staffing (3 WLU)
• Leadership (4 WLU)
• Talent Management (1 WLU)
• HR Development (2 WLU)
• Coaching and Mentoring (1 WLU)

• Organizational Design (3 WLU)
• Organizational Behavior (3 WLU)
• Organizational Change (3 WLU)
• Organizational Micropolitics (2 WLU)

• Introduction to Marketing (1 WLU)
• Market Research (3 WLU)
• Digital Marketing Strategy (1 WLU)
• Consumer Behavior (3 WLU)
• B2B Marketing (3 WLU)
• Product Policy (1 WLU)
• Price Policy (1 WLU)
• Promotion Policy (1 WLU)
• Placement Policy (1 WLU)
• Digital Marketing Instruments (6 WLU)
• Strategic Brand Management (2 WLU)
• Content Marketing (3 WLU)

Sustainability Management
• Sustainability Management Foundations (2 WLU)
• Corporate Responsibility (2 WLU)
• Sustainability Management Standards (2 WLU)
• Sustainability Performance Measurement (2 WLU)

Special Areas of Management
• Business Ethics (2 WLU)
• Creativity in Management (1 WLU)
• Management of Innovation (2 WLU)
• Knowledge Management (2 WLU)
• M&A Management (2 WLU)
• Project Management (3 WLU)
• Quality Management (3WLU)
• Risk Management (2 WLU)

Management Theories
• Absorptive Capacity (1 WLU)
• Business Models (1 WLU)
• Behavioral Theory (1 WLU)
• Complexity Theory (1 WLU)
• Contingency Theory (1 WLU)
• Dynamic Capabilities (1 WLU)
• Human Relations Approach (1 WLU)
• Organizational Learning (1 WLU)
• Resource-Based View (1 WLU)

In sum, you need 48 workload units from the broad module selection.

Zielgruppe The specialization in General Management is designed for occupied men and women with little or no prior management knowledge who want to participate in a

short and comprehensive,
high-quality and state-authorized
post-secundary part-time
education program at ISCED Level 4/EQF Level 5 in order to make new career opportunities accessible, increase their occupational mobility, secure their current employment, or return to work after parental leave.

Voraussetzungen Very good English skills
High school/secondary school graduation
A computer or tablet and an email address

Sonstiges In this online course, you study your chosen modules online—according to your own schedule.
For each module, you take an online assignment/exam at any time.
You can always contact your tutors if you have questions.
In the online colloquia, you can discuss and exchange thoughts with both your tutors and fellow students.
In the discussion forums and with the networking tool, you can connect with your fellow students and form learning groups.
At the end of your course, you can work on your project thesis (optional). Here, you methodically solve a practical management problem using your gained knowledge. Your tutor will provide advice, supervision and extensive feedback on your thesis.

As a graduate of the specialization "Certified Management Professional" you will receive a certificate (without grades) and a report card (with grades). The course is classified as ISCED Level 4 and EQF Level 5. The program has a state authorization by ZFU No. 7292015.

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- auf Anfrage - Margaretenstrasse 38, 12203 Berlin
- auf Anfrage - Margaretenstrasse 38, 12203 Berlin
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